As a large independent Chartered Accounting firm, we have the resources to offer high caliber training, varied and interesting technical work and specialization options.  Our team has access to the best tools including experienced and educated senior staff, the latest technologies and our strategic partners, to support professional growth.

As a locally owned and operated firm, we want to provided you with career opportunities that fit your ambitions, and the ideal work life balance to enjoy our beautiful Westcountry.

WNP boasts a great team environment that values communication, collaboration and development.  The foundation of our success is the bond our team members build with our clients; we are their trusted advisors, auditors and tax planners.

We want motivated individuals with the capacity and desire to grow professionally through one-on-one engagement with our clients.  Our clients trust us to help them make informed business decisions, and we trust our professionals to deliver the high caliber of service our valued clients deserve.

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“I’ve probably learned more in my first 16 months at WNP LLP than I did during my eight years at a National firm in the big city. Don’t get me wrong, my training in the city was great, and prepared me well for my career as a CA, but the opportunity to work on challenging issues that would be handled by one of many specialized groups at a National firm has allowed me to develop my skills at an amazing rate. WNP LLP doesn’t have nationally-centralized templates, a tax group, a valuations group, or a bankruptcy group, which means that I get to do all of my own work, with significant input into how it is performed. A client file that I work on is mine start to finish, and that allows me to invest a great deal of pride into the work that I do. I have access to some of the brightest assurance, accounting, tax and legal minds to bounce ideas off of, to understand my issues and come to the right conclusions. I’m afforded the luxury of low-pressure, autonomous work to make sure I fully understand what I’m dealing with, and get it right the first time. I’ve had the opportunity to contribute to a newspaper column, be a part of our internal process monitoring and compliance group, to help design our marketing plan and website and be involved in so many other things I’d never imagined doing as a staff accountant. I truly value the firm’s commitment to excellence, the ability to take pride in my work and the learning opportunities that I’m presented with every day.”