Corporate and Personal Income Taxes

With the most current software, ongoing training and our strategic partnerships, our team has access to the top resources to provide the best tax advice and ensure important tax issues are identified early and dealt with properly, to avoid potentially costly reassessments.

Our team is kept up to date on new and important tax issues through our commitment to continuing professional development.

Personal Taxes

Using the elite suite of CCH TaxPrep programs and add-ins including, TaxPrep CONNECT and automatic T-slips scanning we are able to produce the most accurate tax returns in a time efficient manner, resulting in competitive fees and a superior product.

Corporate Taxes

Our team is dedicated to learning your business to ensure tax returns include the maximum deductions allowed under Canadian Income Tax Act. Using TaxPrep software integrated with Caseware Working Papers, we compile financial information required for corporate tax filing efficiently and accurately.


Whether we filed your tax returns or not, Wade Noble and Partners can advocate for our clients ensuring that tax assessments are accurate and fair.

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) regularly performs audits of corporate tax returns, personal tax returns, T4 information returns and GST returns as a normal part of the Canadian self-assessment taxation process, so most companies and individuals will be audited by CRA at one point or another. These regular, ongoing, random audits are designed to ensure that taxpayers are reporting accurate financial information and paying their fair share of taxes.

Many of our services focus on ensuring our clients’ tax information is accurately reported and properly supported, to avoid unexpected changes resulting from a CRA audit. A CRA audit is only a concern where information is incomplete or reported inaccurately. If CRA finds that adjustments are required, the resulting reassessment of additional tax plus interest and penalties can be costly.

Wade Noble and Partners can represent our clients in the event of an audit, assisting with gathering required documents, communicating with CRA auditors and reviewing resulting reassessments to ensure the correct tax rules are applied, and reassessments are fair. Wade Noble and Partners is your tax expert, representing on your behalf to ensure you only ever pay your fair share of tax.

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"I moved my accounting needs, both personal and business, to Wade Noble in 2013. Tiffany Tensen was assigned to my files at that time and we continue to have this working relationship. Retrospectively, I was very fortunate to make this accounting transition with the ongoing help of Tiffany. At any time, any questions I have are always answered courteously, promptly, thoroughly, respectfully and accurately. The continuity being able to work with the same person for my tax needs is very important to me. Working with Tiffany since I moved my accounting needs to Wade Noble has been a pleasure."